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We have your friends... by Beltgag
We have your friends... if you want to help Night Cat and Winter Wave you must do as we say, my dear Silver Siren.
Silver Siren by Beltgag
Silver Siren
This apparently young woman with gills but no name seems to be one of the sirens of the myth. After being captured by humans she was rescued by W-Force and joined the team for seemingly no reason. Named simply "Siren" by the others it was later suggested she should have take the codename Silver Siren due to her "silver look" (having unnatural and fantastical silver hair and eyes).
Siren affirms to have lost memories and she knows very little of human society.

Powers and Abilities:
Entrancing and hypnotic singing that works only on men.
Water breathing.
Little above human strength and durability.
Endure very low temperatures.
Night Cat by Beltgag
Night Cat
Due to an incident when she was a child Becky Becker obtained an unnaturally faster nervous system and from this she gained superhuman reflexes and reactivity.
When she understood that her ability could improve her chances in a fight she began to train hard in martial arts and after years she's now quite skilled in judo and taekwondo.
Becky donned the mask of Night Cat for the first time to get where the law couldn't, putting into jail the murderer of her loved ones. After that she continued to hunt down lawbreakers in the streets of Heat City, becoming a sort of urban legend amongst criminals.
Now she's twenty-two and she studies at the Heat City University School of Law.

Powers and Abilities:
Faster nervous system grants superhuman reflexes and reactivity but could grant other minor improvements or weaknesses.
Skilled in judo and taekwondo.
Gauntlets contains a wide variety of utilities and tools.


belts and boots in bondage
I'm a fetishist of soft bondage and damsels in distress.
From this profile it may seems that i'm a bondage obsessed but in truth i simply prefer to keep apart my "dark side" from my good side. In short i've many other interest which i don't want to share here.

I envy a lot the good artists and i've found a surrogate to make my fantasies true in 3D posing. Hope you like my work.

By the way the angry lady is my character Blackie Belt.
Why is she so angry?
Well, you can try to stay with cloth in troath and a tight belt around your head and see if you don't get angry.
In the last days I did some renders that I had in the making for a while. Next week I should be able to do the requests you made to me. Right now I don't accept other requests cause I don't have time to do both what I like and what you like. I can accept requests concerning my W-force characters (and only them no crossover with your OC accepted) because I can make what I like and what you might like at the same time.

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