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Hi guys!
Pages 8 and 9 of Raiders are done, always by the wonderful MarceltheSouza.
They just need the text to be added, but I'm very slow at it and also I want to change a few lines.
But stay tuned in the next few days, pages should arrive soon!
Quite a Catch
Bobby: "So, how much?"
Jose: "Two millions."
Bobby: "That much? It's a big loot!"
Jose: "Yeah, and we also took a little bonus."
Bobby: "What do you mean?"
Jose opens the back door of the van, revealing a pair of sexy females in spandex costumes tied up amidst a lot of stolen money. Their mouth are taped shut as well as their eyes.
Night Cat: "Bfhghnmh! Hm foon mh fgh fghh h hill fifh houg affef!"
Winter Wave: "Whfh haffenifg? Fhehe ahe wh? Gfh uf gh!"
Night Cat: "Fhut hp ghfl! Fongh lfh fhem fin!
Winter Wave: "Fongh shohf af mh. Mehnh."
Bobby: "They're sure talkative with each other."
Jose: "They kept at it for all our little trip."
Bobby: "Unsufferable."
Jose: "Don't tell me. Gagging them didn't work as we hoped."
Bobby: "You know what? Looking at these two sexy superheroines amidst all that money I must admit... it's quite a catch."
Evil game
Krang and Shredder are watching everything from an hidden camera.
Krang: "I must say Shreddy, it's really funny as you said. To get rid of that stupid reporter you thought about good entertainment."
Shredder: "I told you Krang, these days survival games are the thing. So leave our pretty Ms. O'Neil in a labyrinthic part of the sewers, with her hands tied and her mouth taped shut, and then free a hundred mousers in the same sewers... Well, let's say it was naturally the first thing I thought of! Ah ah ah!"
Krang: "And what about those damn turtles? As usual you forgot about them, I'm sure."
Shredder: "Not this time my dear Krang. You see, those sewers... aren't New York sewers! They're in another very distant city! Ah ah ah! I'm an evil genius!"
Krang: "Very good Shreddy, we will see if for once one of your evil plans comes to the right conclusion."
Shredder: "Hey look, they got her!"
Krang: "It seems she's doomed, they surrounded her."
Shredder: "Maybe not. Look, she's putting up a fight."
Krang: "Oh oh, nice."
Shredder: "She even took down a few of them. She's kicking ass."
Krang: "Yes, well... Now her ass is in the water and twenty or so mousers are about to jump on her."
Shredder: "It's game over."
Krang: "Look at the terror in her eyes. Apparentely we'll finally get rid of her."
Shredder: "It's almost a pity. It's been so fun that it made me want another go."
Krang: ...
Shredder: ...
Krang: "They're going to eat her, you know."
Shredder: "How about we... push this button and shut down all the mousers at once."
Krang: "So we can have her run another game. It seems good to me."
Shredder: "Nice. I push the button then."
Krang: ...
Shredder: ...
Krang: "So... how about we go retrieve our player?"
Shredder: "Should be easy. Look, she fainted."
Krang: "Understandable I think. You humans are a panicky lot."
Shredder: "Yeah, I suppose you're right."
Krang: "While we go there you think of a new survival game."
Shredder: "I'll do Krang."

Krang, Shredder, April O'Neil and the mousers are characters property of their owners.
I know it's not a very good render, with the lighting all wrong and a strange effect on the mousers. But after hours at this I was exahusted. For now it will be like this. Maybe in the future I'll rework it.
Here's some thoughts of mine because... I actually know only to which I can share them.
We're back at it with the time raiders comic. Sorry about the big delay but unfortunately real life hits you sometimes and there are times when you simply don't feel like doing certain stuff. I know it's not a good excuse but hey, I'm not paid for doing it and actually I am the one that pays :)
Page seven is now out and eight and nine are in the making. I hope to deliver page eight as soon as possible. Currently the artist is making a few fixes on page eight but honestly the delays are fault only of the letterer (me!).

Now with the sad stuff.
Yvonne Craig died some days ago. I was saddened by the news not only because it's sad every time anyone dies of cancer, but because she was an actress with a very special spot in my memory.
Not only she has been very important for the whole "superheroine in distress" community, which I understand it's not exactly the best thing to be remembered for. But let's face it, our whole community may not exist at all if not for her being Batgirl.
And what an amazing superheroine  she was. Just search her on google and you'll see she had a body that seemed jumped out of a comic book. Truly amazing. Again it doesn't seem to me the best thing to be remembered for, but they say women are happy when people think they're beautiful and I can safely say that Yvonne Craig will be always remembered as a very beautiful girl.
But there's another reason I will remember her forever. Back in the days when I was very younger I thought of myself as being very weird, strange and crazy because of my secret fetish for damsel in distress and soft bondage. Why was I so different from anyone? Why a pair of tits didn't give me a boner and a bound and gagged lady worked good? Was I a monster? A cruel person?
I know it seems exaggerated but I was twelve and with no one to confess my "sins".
Then something happened. I stumbled upon a certain site, a very specific one that some of you might remember. It was Batgirl Bat-traps, a site dedicated to batgirl in distress, peril, death traps and soft bondage. And Yvonne Craig's Batgirl was presented as the main dish of the site, and actually the website was born from the appreciation of her version of Batgirl. From there I discovered that a lot of different websites with similar focus and tastes existed, and basically I discovered that I wasn't alone. There were others like me! Other perverts! That actually are normal and peaceful folks who happens to have sexual fantasies different from the ones of the majority of people! Just like me! And that saved a lot of my mental sanity.
Again I think that the best thing to be remembered for isn't being the main dish for a fetish site, but as I write this thoughts I realize now that website could have saved me from becoming a very bitter, crazy, isolated and maybe violent person. So, albeit indirectly, Yvonne Craig saved me, like a true superheroine.
I know it's not exactly something she could have wanted to be remembered for, but I'll remember her forever for it.
Thank you.

Also check Lordsnot's tribute to Yvonne Craig here Goodbye Yvonne
I think it's a very fitting, classy and touching piece (no kidding) for a tribute.
Raiders of the lost time 07
We're back with the adventure of this fiery pirate lady!
Damsel in distress comic I commissioned to the wonderful
Download available to appreciate the detailed art!
Visit his gallery and give him some love because he deserves it!

Here's the gag translator:
"Untie me!"
"Stop looking and untie me!"
"Free me!"
"Let gooo!"

Next page coming soon!

Wonderful art by
Good plot by me
Bad lettering by me


belts and boots in bondage
I'm a fetishist of soft bondage and damsels in distress.
From this profile it may seems that i'm a bondage obsessed but in truth i simply prefer to keep apart my "dark side" from my good side. In short i've many other interest which i don't want to share here.

I envy a lot the good artists and i've found a surrogate to make my fantasies true in 3D posing. Hope you like my work.

By the way the angry lady is my character Blackie Belt.
Why is she so angry?
Well, you can try to stay with cloth in troath and a tight belt around your head and see if you don't get angry.
Hi guys!
Pages 8 and 9 of Raiders are done, always by the wonderful MarceltheSouza.
They just need the text to be added, but I'm very slow at it and also I want to change a few lines.
But stay tuned in the next few days, pages should arrive soon!

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